December 2017

A marriage ceremony is a time for joy and happiness as it celebrates the union of two people. The goal of the event should be to try to bring together relatives and loved ones and make them feel happy. Planning a marriage ceremony is not as easy as you might think, as there are plenty of things you will need to cater to for it to be a success. Here are a few tips that will help you with your planning.

BudgetThis is going to be crucial when planning the event. Try to get an idea of how much money you will have for spending. If you are on an open budget, then getting an idea of your financial requirement is important so that you will know the type of equipment and personnel you will require. When preparing the budget, you should factor in everything you will need. This will include and catering as well. If you are unsure about certain aspects, then you could allocate a small portion of your budget towards it so that you know how much you will have to work with.

FoodHaving food is essential for almost any event that you are hosting. You should consider serving meals or even have a variety of dishes that the guests could choose from. For this, the safest option would be to resort to catering services who could provide the food at the ceremony. Along with the food, you will need to consider having beverages as well. These could be alcoholic, depending on the guests who are attending the function. However, since there may be small children as well, or people below the drinking age, you may need to have alternative beverage options as well.

Have some activitiesHaving a few activities for your guests is an effective way to ensure that they are happy. You could hire an entertainment agency Brisbane to help you with providing the entertainment for your guests. If you can think of things to do on your own, then you can avoid doing so altogether, to save a bit of money from your budget. Some activities that you could indulge in would be activities such as games. You could arrange for some dancing as well as this will give the guests an option to let loose at your ceremony. Therefore, planning a marriage ceremony will require a bit of planning. A lot of things will vary based on tradition and customs, whether religious or based on your country. However, the concepts will remain the same for almost every ceremony. event-band-hire

Whether it’s a wedding or a fund raising event or even a business function, finding a venue is the hardest part. If you want your event to be effective, you need to know the following key factors in finding the perfect venue.

Find your need

Different functions are held for different purposes. So the ways of preparing for these events change from one to another. Depending on the number of people or the total crowd, this may differ and if you are hiring a large number of guests having a function room hire Adelaide would actually help you treat all your guests easily in the right manner.

The right type of function room

Some people prefer traditional rooms for a function while some choose the room according to the size and space usage. Normally, there are many function rooms to select from, so you will have no trouble in running out of options and it is very important for you to know about the surrounding you prefer to have your function in.


You may find many venues to have your event all over the city. As affordable as it is to book a place around the border line of the city, try thinking about your guest or your families having to drive up all the way there. Check its convenience and whether the area or the surrounding environment is safe and attractive.


Most function rooms only provide the main facilities for their customers such as the seats, platforms and the main design based on your event theme. Accordingly also check if the venue you selected provide Wi-Fi, charging stations and audio/visual equipment.

Also, try thinking about the parking space. If your venue has a limited parking space your guests are more likely to be frustrated or annoyed. Therefore you should always make sure that there is enough parking space as well.
The staff provided to you should be attentive and have the knowledge on providing you with all the support you need. Inexperienced trainees or staff being involved may turn your event upside down no matter how well you have prepared.


You want a successful event but you also want an affordable one, so the key here is to have a balance of both. Considering your needs and comfort of the guests as mentioned above try having another thought on the cost of the venue.
So before you decide on a low budget venue, have a thought on the design, the staff, the facilities and the quality of it. In the end, the event is yours to take responsibility of, no matter who messed up.

Wondering what are the fun things you can do with your partner? Spending quality time with your partner is a very important thing. It will not only increase the love and understanding between the two of you. But it will also give you both the much needed time together!So read below to find out what fun things you can do with your partner.Go to the beachThe beach is one of the best places on earth to enjoy a beautiful view while chatting with your loved one. It not only calms your mind and give you both a peaceful environment to settle in. It also has fun activities to do. If you both enjoy water sports, then it is even more the reason to go the beach for some fun times. Also make sure that you carry along the beach essentials like the towel, shades, and sunscreen and of course a hat if it is too sunny. The beach is definitely a fun option that tops most people’s list of things to do together!

Have a romantic home-made dinnerThere is nothing better than a home cooked meal with some added love, they say! So why not opt for a home-cooked dinner? You can both spend some time together cooking the meal. Preparing the meal will be the most fun part. You can both have fun whilst cooking. And then you have a romantic setting for displaying and having the meal. You can also have some of the famous served as well. This will lift the mood and make it easier for the two of you talk more frankly and easily!Go to a couple’s spaAnother recommended place for couples to visit is the spa. Without going for segregated spas, you can instead visit a couple’s spa where they let the couples to be together. Whilst enjoying a massage you can have a conversation with your partner. Or the steam bath time is one of the most private times together in the spa, that you can utilize the time to talk about anything you want. It will be comforting as dining out in the Adelaide hills!

Go on long road tripLong drives is one of the best instances for long, uninterrupted conversations with your significant other. Long road trips have actually been a great way to understand so much about your travel partner. If you love travelling and feel the need to talk about many things with your partner, well then road trips are definitely the best option! There is no doubt about it!services-for-event