A Fairy Tale Fantasy On A Budget

Most couples opt to pay for their own weddings. A limited budget might mean cutting that chocolate fountain and the endless flow of champagne. There are many ways of making it a fairytale affair while staying within the budget. Your special day is a once in a lifetime opportunity however, planning a future together is much more important. Here are some tips to make sure you aren’t jeopardizing your bank accounts.

Keep it simple and find dupes

It’s easy to get carried away by the step-by-step tutorials and seemingly simple Do It Yourself decorations. Know your capabilities before investing on a hundred mason jars, a stick of gum and a pile of glitter. Pinterest does however, offer very many dupes and cheats to create a perfect atmosphere. Whether rustic or urban, there are ways to be glamourous without a hefty bill. More is not always the way to go. Making your top wedding photographers Sydney look breathtaking doesn’t require a seven-tiered cake or bedazzled chandeliers. A simple yet elegant décor with pieces you feel fits the theme and the vibe you are going for will suffice. Make use of easy DIY hacks and cost cutting advice in magazines and Pinterest. Handwritten table placements, minimalist table arrangements and décor can go a long way while adding a unique touch.

Know when to cap it off

Self-control is key during wedding planning. Especially when paying for it yourselves. Set a strict price cap to each aspect of the wedding and stick to it religiously. Avoid extravagant expenses that will make little to no difference to the overall vibe of the wedding. Glamour doesn’t come from the more accessories or floral arrangements you pile on. Finding affordable pieces that fits your vision is made easier with magazines, websites and blogs that are dedicated to helping young couples find venues, rentals, free samples and so much more.

Splurge on what is important

Having a detailed outline of what you need will help you plan out and thus prioritize your expenditure wisely. Makeup, hair, your venue, catering and photographers are important to splurge on. Sure, you can do your hair and makeup just fine and your cousin offered to take your photos for free but it’s best to leave such crucial aspects up to the professionals. Slash the fancy table placements and four layered cake if it means you will be getting your money’s worth. For an example having a pre-planned fiery playlist can save you a lot of money on a DJ. Whereas having professional at your service to make sure you look your best and will have documented and flattering memories to cherish should be something you should invest in.

There’s no shame in sticking to a tight budget. Chances are you will get tempted by designer labels and luxurious décor. However, always keep in mind that saving up for your future and having the best possible wedded life is much more important than having an extravagant wedding.

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