Organizing an event in your office will be much different than organizing an event anywhere else. There will be a few reasons for this. Firstly, there will be a lot of pressure on you. Since it is the place you work, the way that you organize such an event could either enhance the future of your career or affect it negatively.

However, this is not something that you should worry about. Even if you worried about it, it will not be much of a help. What you should do instead should be focusing on how you could organize a corporate event to perfection. Here are three great tips that you could follow in making your corporate event ideal.

1. Understand the nature of the event and take steps accordingly

There can be many types of corporate events. Sometimes, it might only be about the employees having a good time, and sometimes, it will be about creating an impression on the stakeholders of the business. In order to host a corporate event to perfection, it will be necessary for you to gain an understanding about what the corporate expects through the event.
Once the goals of the event are clear to you, you could take steps in ensuring that you meet such goals through the additions to the event.

2. Get a good catering service

One of the main aspects that you have to focus on will be the food catering of the corporate event. If the corporate catering is done in a proper manner, everyone that attends the event will certainly enjoy the food that is offered. This will bring in many benefits.

They will not only be in a positive mindset throughout the event, but will also be willing to look past certain shortcomings that may have occurred within the event. Therefore, getting the right catering service provider might be the key for you to make the corporate event successful.

What is served by the caterer will once again depend on the type of the event. However, it can be recommended for one to have a wide range of food choices given that it is a corporate event. As an example, a good canape catering company will be able to provide a wide variety of canape choices that anyone could enjoy well.

3. Start on time

This might seem like a tip that is trivial, but it is not. If your corporate event does not start on time, it will create a bad impression on everyone that attends it and will be off to a bad start. This might even take away the time from some of the additions that you have planned for the event. Therefore, you should ensure that your corporate event always starts on time.

There are some things that people have believed to be a must at any wedding, and there’s an entire list of it. However, what you truly come to understand is that with the times and trends changing, these must haves are not really even considered a must in today’s society. But if you are the kind that loves traditional and old school ways, you might consider these a “must have”, but the following are not really needed. So if you don’t have them, doesn’t mean you’ll be having the worst wedding of the year. These could also could cut on your budget a lot, letting you make much more rational choices. So here is what you can skip out on.

Who needs cards?

While it is obviously amazing to have a lovely save-the-date card posted to each and every guest, it is also time consuming (especially when designing) and costly as well (depending on the style). And that is why, you can skip the old school way of handing out such cards, and drop a mail instead. An e-card is way cheaper than any physical card and it is a smart choice as well! So if you are going to be spending a lot on everything else like the décor, wedding services and even the food, you might need to consider on saving your cost and budgeting out things, in a different way. And this is an absolutely perfect idea you can use! To gain more ideas when it comes to unique weddings you can see this page for more details.

Do you really need to host a prior party?

An engagement party held before the wedding, could be considered as one of those additional prior parties to let everyone know of your engagement. But when you truly think of it, it isn’t really necessary. Especially because you would be directly announcing and celebrating all this altogether on your wedding day. So why host a money draining party beforehand when you can double the joy on one day with Blue Mountains wedding ceremony? Another such party many host are bridal showers and bachelor parties. I mean if people are throwing it for you, then don’t bother with not going along with it, but if you are going to throw one yourself, then think of all that you could be doing with that cost instead!

Live music

You know as much as we all love listening to live music, sometimes, the ones we’ve got stored on our iPods are way better and catchier, I mean how cool would it be to dance to Katy Perry’s hot and cold instead of swaying about to the classical tunes played throughout your big day! So be unique with it all and plug in the iPod and play your own mix on your big day!

Some might think of these as only ways of cutting cost, but when you truly think of it, this is a much better way of doing things. So be a millennial and roll with it!

We all got our Gucci gang squad we mockingly call in our high-school or university life. That is because no matter what Is said and done the best period in anyone’s life time is the school life or the post- secondary life with their friends. After that time flies more than you can ever imagine, and you realize suddenly one of you all are going to get married to their prince charming. The amount of excitement will be another level if it is the first girl from your squad and a bridal shower is a must. However, if you feel like making it extra ordinary there are few checklists you should have.


Of course, what is a bridal shower without a proper venue, we all need the proper venue to celebrate the happiness. Before that, privacy is a very important part where you need to make sure as girls you get the freedom in whatever the hotel or restaurant you make the reservations at and all the restrictions are well communicated to you. Because, you don’t want someone barging in your celebrations and telling that you all are not allowed to do this and that and that is going to spoil everyone’s mood. So, look into that as early as possible. Apart form that get an event prop hire who can supply you with the adequate stuffs such as slash and tiara for the bride to be. It is always better to shop all the necessary goodies from one stop as it will avoid confusions or clashes with the money specially if everyone is contributing from their own pocket. But at the end it is up to the main organizers.


If you want to go for a lolly buffet from Sydney, then you should definitely talk to the hotel owners or the management about it. Because some places actually provide those with additional VAT and Taxes which as students or undergraduates without proper jobs you will not be able to afford. Therefore, as mentioned before if anything always sort it out at the beginning not after the payments are done. Because in most places they don’t return back the refundable money entirely. They only return 50% of it and you don’t want to waste it on something you never did. Apart form that, when you have to finalize the food , look into different sections such as , desserts, the starters, the actual course meal. Therefore, write in a piece of paper and tick everything properly once it is done and dusted. After all, good food is the heart of any celebrations.

Thus, always be prepared with a checklist before you throw a bridal shower!