Add A Good Touch Of Music With Our Quartet Band!

With our sydney jazz band, you can choose to hire us for planning any event, be it a DJ night, a grand party, family event, wedding ceremony or a birthday party, you can get the best ambience you want, with the experience you desire. The Graduates is a high end and state of the art band which is in high demand all over Australia, we will give your event the five stars it deserves.  

We have our collection of melodious and enchanting songs with vocals, and perfect combination of bass and treble, our musical instruments come with a wide range of piano, drums, saxophone and others. The band is an enthusiastic and all boys jazz band in Australia. We are known for being highly skilled and well trained band for different events in Sydney and its outskirts.  

We not only have our history in jazz but also in soul and upbeat, setting the perfect tone for people to get ready for moving their bodies along the rhythm as wedding music bands in Sydney. We also make sure that you are enjoying  the event to your fullest by the tunes people go crazy about. We are a profound and prolific jazz band of four boys who are enthralled to execute their vibrant energy in the best form, giving you a performance enough to make your heart swing to the rhythm. We enrich the layout of the party giving you an even more special experience than you anticipated. 

Be it a contemporary wedding celebration with modern theme or a traditional wedding with a more classic theme, The Graduate band has a significant experience for playing beautiful tunes according to the theme.  

You will have an ultimate experience of the overall event with warmth and enthusiastic shows accustomed for the dream wedding you want. Our tunes are well set with the type of venue you plan. These venues may be a lawn, a golf club, a wedding destination to the shores or the mountain ranges, in a conventional church or at a proper reception hall.  

We come with a lot of amazing stuff that maximize your happiness at the day of the event by giving you a sense of belonging and connection to the event to create the beautiful memories you would want to secure for the rest of your life.  

The delicate, petite off the stage music when the event has not yet gone to its climax and is relaxing and refreshing for the incoming guests is one of our features. Our soul dance setting up and creating a tease and pacing up energy for all the guests to get up and swirl to the beat that is playing is a magical experienceWe also have a layout that include beautiful and lovely collection for the bride on entrance and also a sensational performance for recession. wedding-music-bands