Fighting Stress And Breaking Up With It

Stress. Almost like part of our daily routine, we’re spending few hours of the day, pulling our hair out, or rather letting them fall on their own as we indulge in this mentally and physically drained out state contemplating on non-existent relationships and highly improbable wage increases or procrastinating effectively so you can pile up the tables in the last minute and freaking out, forgetting to live in the moment, breathe and believe everything’s going to be okay. When work treats you like a gum that’s stuck to your shoe, and life throws problems without a warning, stress becomes inevitable, and sometimes you need just more than a pep talk to bust it and reignite yourself. Checkout below for a few ways to fight stress for once and for all.

Eat Healthy

Yeah now that probably sounds inconsistent with every blog post on social media that screams that, stressed spelled backwards is dessert, or throwing in a little sugar in your life will only make it more sweet. Sure, it’s therapy to treat yourself, but make sure cheat day isn’t every other day. If you want to kick stress out your life forever, then you need to make sure you eat healthy every day and keep your brain fuelled with all the nutrients it requires to keep stress from creeping on to you.

Stay Positive

As easy it is to read it on tumblr, or a sticky note stuck to your office table, it can actually take a lot of will power to remain positive, cheer up and binge watch a comedians Sydney show when your boss doubled the workload, and you’re greeted with a rent increase note on your front door. But the key here is to hold on and not less stress dominate you. Stay positive, write down your goals, get organized and hold yourself accountable for them!

Live a Little

Keep hustling, but don’t forget to take a break in between. If you keep working without making room for some fun once in a while, you’re going to drain yourself mentally and physically not only depressing yourself but having a negative impact on others as well. So take a trip to the country side, engage in the serenity, meet up with your friends or attend a standup comedy show from Happy Endings Comedy Club. Squeezing stress balls might help you for a short time, but if you need to drive stress away, you might need to drive yourself out from the environment that’s stressing you out.

Avoid Toxic People

Toxic people can have a huge effect on you. Be it a random message notification from them, or a small conversation, they can easily get you overthinking and clinging on to things that scream nothing but negative. If you think their views and opinions are critical and judgmental making you doubt yourself and your decisions, then lookout you might be tying yourself to a toxic relationship and stressing yourself out often for no good reason. The key here is to avoid them and their opinions.